Sunday, September 26, 2010

Saying "Good-by" to some of my Favorite Investigators...and Friends!

Channing is scheduled to be baptized on October 3, 2010 by her husband, Jesse. When you are married in the temple...I will be there!!!

Jessica was my very first baptism. She came to say good-by and to introduce me to her new daughter, Makayla.

I love the Lopez family! All the kids were baptized and Christina is my very dear friend.

Saying good-by the the Salinas family was very hard (notice the tears). I love Esmerelda, Juan, Daisy and Brenda. Juan is preparing to serve a mission...he will be a wonderful missionary!

My final baptism was Maria Cuellar. She taught me about the powers of prayer and that the Lord truly does answer our prayers.

I love ALL those I was called to serve. You have been a great blessing to me. My life will never be the same because of YOU. Thank you!!!

I feel so blessed to have been called to serve a mission in McAllen Texas. I know this is where I needed to be for the past 18 months. I know that Jesus Christ is my Savior. I’ve always known that. I’ve always had faith in Him, but I have come to realize that He can play a bigger role in my life if I let Him. I’ve come to see answers to prayers and have recognized the biggest miracles that I could have ever imagined. I have also witnessed the smallest and simplest of miracles and these small miracles blow my mind even more.

I know that God loves me so much. I have felt of His unconditional love. I’m grateful that He has used me to help other people, that He loves me enough to humble me, to bring me down on my knees so I can repent, that He has guided me to those specific people that I needed to share my testimony with. I feel like the sons of Mosiah in just looking at all those people I have been able to teach and bring to baptism, and I do not feel like they are few at all, and I rejoice in all those souls because to me, I feel like they are many. They are great to me. They mean everything to me. Even if it was just one, I would still feel like there were many.

I know that this church is true...that it is not just a church but that it is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. That it really will change you if you let it. I am so very grateful for this and so very grateful for my Savior, Jesus Christ, and the sacrifice of the Atonement that I can be clean, and I am grateful for that because I am so far from being perfect. I have so many imperfections, but I am grateful that He chips away at those imperfections day by day and smoothes them out so I can be more like I can be more patient, loving, submissive, gentle and kind. My mission has meant everything to me, and though I am sad to leave, I am excited to go and be Krystal be me, but my mission has meant so much and I am going to miss these blessings that you can only get as you serve the Lord full time. These blessings are some of the greatest tender mercies that I have seen in my life. I know that God loves His children because He loved them enough to send me here. I am grateful that I have been an answer to so many people’s prayers, that I have knocked on their doors at the time that they needed me the most, but not me, they have needed Him. I am grateful that I have been able to open my mouth and say the words that He would have me speak. I am grateful that I have been an instrument in His hands. Now that I know what that feels like, I will never be the same, there is no way. I know it is true, and there is no greater blessing in my life that I could have ever had than this experience...and it has changed me.

Finishing my mission with 2 of my closest companions and best friends Sister Haws and Sister Amitoelau.

Monday, August 23, 2010


The Jackson and the Cuevas' mission parents. LOVE THEM!!!

Hello Everyone!

Honestly, i feel like each week just gets better and better and i feel sooooo blessed. I really see the Lord's hand in everything that we do and i know that this is his work. I have felt my heart be softened so much more and i leave everything up to him and just go to work. It is such an interesting time. I only have two more weeks of work and so i have been doing a lot of reflecting on my life... what i used to be and what i have become... and i have been doing a lot of thinking about my future... making goals and deciding who i want to be. I feel so close to my savior and have realized more than ever how he has taken me... with all my imperfections... and has been molding me into his disciple. So i am going to keep working hard and love every minute of this work... because i will never have it back... and i will never be the same because of it.

We really have seen so many wonderful miracles this week. I'll start with some updates. Claudia and Luis are planning on moving soon (as in they may already be gone) to san antonio... and they have just been super busy and going through some major financial problems. it is sad, but we have realized that we have done all that we could for them and now we need to focus on other people.. and if they want to change and progress than they will have to make the effort... and they have been taught and know exactly what they need to do. they know the gospel... but now they need to live the gospel... and that is completly up to them.

Cynthia is doing great... no doubt she will be baptized soon.. but probably after i am gone. Not a problem though.. i told her that i would rather have her baptized when she knew it was right and felt prompted to be baptized... and stay converted. she agreed and is working hard towards that goal... we are going to be teaching her the commandments this week.. but she is so awesome and has really come a long way. I love her. she is a saucy mom (36) and her daughter, lelialah (17), is a recent convert and comes out with us all the time... she is awesome. she'll be moving to utah in jan and so i am excited to hangout with her again soon.

Channing is doing great as well.. her husband (jesse) is an inactive member and so we have been working on activating him as well (channing comes to church more frequently than he does) they both came to church on sunday and it was so great to see their sweet little family. channing is adorable... she is 21 and has a 1 year old daughter and this is the first time in her life that she has been coming to church and learning more about God. But she has been progressing a lot and her prayers are very powerful and meaningful.

Monday night our appointments fell through and so we decided to track down jessica. we found her at her house and she let us in to have a lesson. she has been super busy and was commenting how satan always puts things in her path whenever she is trying to be good. we taught her the plan of salvation and then we extended a baptismal date to her... the spirit was so strong and she accepted and said that baptism is something that she really wants to work for. we are excited for her but she needs to come to church and she is a hard one to get ahold of throughout the week.

Remember Maria? the lady who got anti-d and didn't want us to come back but then we taught her the restoration and she prayed and said she knew joseph smith was a prophet? she is my new favorite person! we went by twice this week and she is AMAZING. she left school at about 6th grade and so she isn't very confident with her reading.. but she reads EVERYTHING... and highlights it and is just so cute. she is the cutest little 67 year old mexican lady that i have ever met. tuesday when we went over we taugth about our Savior, Jesus Christ, and invited her to be baptized in 3 weeks (september 5th). she accepted and was crying. she was so excited and really wants to have the spirit with her always. when we went back that week we sat down and she burst into tears telling us that her husband was not being supportive and was asking why we were coming over so much and was telling her not to commit to anything that we were inviting her to do. when she told us this.. we just kinda sat there in silence for a minute and then all these scriptures came to mind and we just started sharing them with her, telling her that this was a test of her faith.. that the lord would not command us to do anything except he was going to prepare a way that we could fulfill his commands... and then we read in Ether that we don’t recieve a witness until after the trial of our faith. We asked her if she knew the things we were teaching her were true and she bore her testimony right there that she knew it was all true. We then proceeded to teach her the plan of salvation and she loved it. My mission has really taught me to be a visual teacher and so we drew it out and by the end she just kept saying it was so simple and so beautiful. Maria has never come to church before and one of her concerns was that she didn't have a skirt and she was scared that people would look at her and judge her. we told her that this wouldn't happen... but tuesday after our meeting i remembered a skirt that i had that i figured she would love.. so when we went back the second time that week.. i gave her my skirt. she was soooo excited and so grateful. we got a ride all lined up for her since her husband wasn't willing to take her to church. and on sunday... i can't even describe the feeling.. my heart just melted when i saw her walk into church in my skirt. she was glowing and you could tell that she really took time to get all pretty. she told me she hadn't worn a skirt in over 30 years and she felt like she was wearing what she should in order to go and worship God... she LOVED church. she was answering all the questions in gospel principles and was laughing with all the other old ladies in relief society... it was sooo great to see. you can tell that she is so happy and that since she followed the commandment to come to church... she recieved all the blessings that God promised her she could have. we are really excited about her progress.

So as you can tell.. we have been teaching the Plan of Salvation a lot this week... probably about 12 times... which is a lot more than normal.. and my testimony of it has grown so much. each time i teach this principle i can just feel how much God loves his children and how perfect his plan is. the way to return and live with him really is so simple.. I want to live with my Heavenly Father and my Savior Jesus Christ. I want to live with my family forever and i feel so blessed that i know how i can. More than ever.. i know exactly what i want in life and exactly what i am looking for.

I love my mission and Sister Villalobos and I are working so hard together... She really is an amazing missionary and i am making sure to teach her all that i know so that she will keep doing awesome and keep growing. It has been so neat to see the fruits of our labors... how last transfer we whitewashed the area and it felt dead... now we are teaching so many wonderful people and families. My mission has been such a blessing and has taught me so much.

So i got an awesome surprise phone call this week! the Jacksons called me! it was so good to hear sister jacksons voice again! i love them so much. they were planning on coming up with the Cuevas' to visit me before i left and to take me out to lunch with my companion... well... its lame but i am supposed to find a ride on labor day down to mcallen (4hours) for my departing interview and what not... so i asked them to just come up then... we can hangout and go bowling (they love bowling) and then they can drive me down to McAllen... they agreed.. i am so excited to see them! they are like my two sets of mission parents. they are the absolute best!

Ok... i gots to go! but i love you all! have an awesome week!

-Hermanita osborne

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Slice of Pizza...

Hello everyone!

Well this week has been a good one.. i have been an absolute wreck... we had zone conference from 9-5 tuesday-friday and every morning i would go out to the car to be alone and put on my makeup.. just to cry it all off and have to put it on again. it finally hit me that this was it. this is the last month of my mission and after this it is over. I've just been super refelective of my past 17 months, the people that i have met, the families i have baptized, the companions i served with, the members that i became so close to... then i started thinking about the person that i have become and what my mission has made me... i will never be the same. my mission has meant EVERYTHING to me. I never thought before that i could have gone on a mission.. i don't have the sister missionary personality... but i know that the lord needed my happy personality at this time for these people. He needed me to come here and be real with them and show them how they could be happy for themselves. And i have never been happier on my life than on my mission!

Mom and dad.. thanks so much for bringing my name to the temple on friday.. honestly.. that was the hardest day.. i was a wreck... normally i just cried in the morning then no one saw it.. but at conference on friday i was wishing that i could go on a mommy/daughter drive and stick my head out the window to dry up my tears:) i had to give my departing testimony... uhhh.... i hope that people understood what i was saying... but pretty much the jist of it is that i am the biggest convert of my mission and through all of the obstacles and trials in my life it has only allowed me to excercise faith in the Lord and come to know my Savior. I have felt his love for these people and for me... i hope that i am becoming more of the person He wants me to become. Sister villa and i have had so many spiritual experiences together.. it is so fun.. i am ending and she is just beginning. friday since we were a wreck we went and got some pizza.. as we were driving home there was a homeless man asking for help. (in mexico you just dont open the windows to people cuz its too dangerous) but i told her to roll down the window and ask him if he wanted a slice of pizza.. she did and he was sooo grateful. as we were driving away she just started bawling... saying how she had never done something like that and how she knew she needed to change. it was such a sweet experience. who would have ever thought that a slice of pizza could help us soften our hearts... she is such an amazing person and so it really made me look at my own life and decide who i was going to be after my mission. I think that is the biggest thing my mission has done for me.. now i know exactly what i want in my life.. before i was just having a blast being spontaneous and having a lot of fun.

I was in another 3some this past week... yep i think i have had 4 of them.. haha. but it was really not a big deal since we had conference everyday... at night i just went on splits with a member. We had a lesson with claudia.. and i have been thinking about her so much. Pretty much we went in and started teaching and the spirit smacked her upside the head.. it was great. i had her read alma7:14-15 and then invited her to kneel down right there and pray and ask to know from God if she should be baptized on the 21st with her son Luis... she read.. she prayed.. and she committed to work towards that date. the spirit was so strong in that room and i know she felt it and that she knew it was right. the next night sister trayner (mission president's wife) was my companion and i took her to meet claudia and we had an awesome lesson together. they got along great cuz they are both super outgoing and happy ladies. it was wonderful.

But the highlight ofmy week was a lesson that we had with a lady named Jessica. We had contacted her about a month ago... she had talked with missionaries before. When we tracted into Jessica, she was on her lunch break and didnt have time to talk and didn't want to set a return appointment so i gave her our number and told her to call us when she had time. so she did and she met me and sister trayner at the church after conference one day. i also had another member named alicia there. we started our lesson by singing and praying and then i taught her about the holy ghost.. how it testifies of truth through the feelings we have and i told her to pay attention to her feelings as we talked. then i talked to her about the book of mormon and had sister trayer and alicia bear their testimonies of the book of mormon... the spirit was so strong. Jessica started opening up about her life and said that a couple years ago she was praying and asking for help and then the sister missionaries showed up at her door the next day... but after awhile she turned them away. then she said that last month she was praying again asking for help... and we showed up at her door. she said she knew it wasn't a coincidence and she needed to trust in god. Its hard for me to describe the spirit that was in that room... it was probably one of the most powerful lessons i have had my entire mission. All four of us were in tears... and i know that jessica could feel the spirit. she is great. how cool would that be to start my mission by baptizing a jessica and end my mission by baptizing another jessica!

Channing came to church on sunday.. she is so adorable... hopefully she can really put forth the effort to get an answer and to know for herself that the church is true.. we are going by this week and so it will be good.. hopefully her husband can be there too.
Cynthia (laliela's mom) came to church again as well and she is awesome. she has been reading and praying and is really excited about everything that she is learning. hopefully she will be able to set a date to prepare to be baptized soon.

So yes.. that is the update from laredo.. we have been teaching some really neat people and i can't wait to see what happens with them and how they progress.

I love you all! thanks for all your emails! i really am so blessed to have such a wonderful family and such great friends! i am so excited that liss didn't get transfered and i can't wait to see her again.. it has been way too long without my other half and there is no way i would have been able to wait 2 years without seeing her! it really is perfect timing and i think it is a tender mercy. can we stalk her that weekend? haha ok i am going to stop rambling now... i love you all! have a great week!

love... ME

Monday, July 5, 2010

Tractin' the Mansions of Laredo!

Hey everyone!

This week has been awesome and i am actually really surprised how fast is has flown by.. i feel like i was just transferred here yesterday! so this area is intense.. i know you all want to know more about it so i took some pictures of what it looks like. I went from teaching in trailors with no AC and no carpet (San Benito) to an area filled with gated communities and mansions complete with maids who answer the door.. or even better you ring the doorbell and they come on the intercom and reject you... there is nothing like being rejected through modern technology... but it has been a blast.

This week i think we have knocked more houses than i have my entire mission. Sister Villalobos is a champ and isn't bugged by all the rejection. i told her rejection was good for the soul and so now whenever we get denied thats what she says back to me and we laugh about it. she is awesome.

It is pretty crazy starting up a new area. i am not too impressed with the sisters who were here before... i think they just taught a lot of men their age and did the whole flirt to convert thing... so sister villalobos and i have been working on finding families to teach. mom it is cool that you wrote about the blessings of eternal families because that has been the theme of this week. i love that even though we are so far away you and i have the same thoughts and feelings. aren't we so blessed to have such a wonderful family?

The family who had accepted a baptismal date last week... well something happened to them and we haven't been able to get a hold of them. but to prove that God works in mysterious ways... i don't think we kept going back for them.. but for their neighbor.. Claudia and Luis. the first time we went over there it was dark.. Claudia was smoking and just swearing like crazy and not very happy and telling us all sorts of things we didn't want to hear and her poor son Luis was just chillin there too. we gave them a pamphlet to read and when we came back the next time it was completly different. they had read, Claudia had been praying, and she was really wanting to change her life. so we taught her about the restoration and it was such a powerful lesson.. they loved it and the spirit was so strong.. Claudia was glowing and you could tell that she felt the spirit and knew that it was true. when we were asking them questions she just looked at us and asked how she could ever doubt it.. she knew by looking at us and could feel that we KNEW it was true so that helped her to know it was true too. we told her that was great and we invited her to pray about it so she could know for herself without a doubt that it was true. I love being a missionary and just feeling such love for these people. they are so lost and so dark... but the lord knows their potential and so i feel like he helps us as missionaries to feel a glimpse of his love for them so we can better teach them. Claudia is "catholic" but doesn't go to church.. she doesn't like it. so it was neat that by the end of that lesson SHE was asking US when church starts and where it was. we have been having contact with them daily and it is such a difference now as we walk into their home and feel the spirit right away. we have introduced the concept of baptism and are going to invite them to be baptized the next time that we go over to their house. Claudia and Luis were both glowing as they drove into the church parking lot this Sunday and walked up the stairs and came into the chapel. wow. it was so exciting to see them, but i was even more excited for my companion because i knew that this was all a first for her.. first time she had someone at church, first time she watched someone progress and love the gospel.. it has been so great to see her excitement through it all. They loved church and Luis (12) was invited to go to San Antonio with the youth to go to the temple... he was sooo excited... i am not sure they realized he wasn't a member so maybe he can chill on the temple grounds for a bit because afterwards they are going to do some youth activites up there and it would be good for him to go. so we will see.. he is already planning on going to mutual on Tuesday. they are great.

So this week has gone by fast and it has been hot and nasty and wonderful all at the same time.. don't you love a mission?
i love you all so much and hope you have an amazing 4th of july because it is your last big holiday without me there :)
President Traynor will be coming to Texas tomorrow so hopefully we will have the chance to meet him pretty soon. i'll let you know how that goes!
good news - i heard that jazric, amelia, and martina (cristina's sisters) were baptized and confirmed on Saturday and that Ernesto went to it... how neat!

I love you all so much.. i hope you know how happy i am doing what i am doing! have a great week!

Love – Hermana Osborne

ps... i forgot to write about this is in my letter.. but i just wanted to share something that i have been learning.. because a mission/life is so hard and we have so much oppostion.. we go through so much.. but it makes it worth it in the end because we become so much more. i really have seen how the gospel.. when we actively live it.. it changes us. all the ordinances we do and the covenants we make help us to become more like our Savior Jesus Christ. We start to see as He does and love like He loves.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Transfer to Laredo!

A sad "farewell" to the Lopez family...I will miss ya'll!!!

And a friendly "Hello" to my new companion, Hermana Villalobos...she is GREAT!

President and Sister Miller,

Hello! Well I am still trying to get over the shock that I am here in Laredo... but it has been such a blessing to me. I really have felt that this is where i am supposed to be and i am so excited to do all that i can to help my area grow and to serve the people here. I have loved working with Sister Villalobos.. she really is such a neat missionary and I am so amazed at how prepared she is to be here and to teach... she teaches me something new everyday.

The area was pretty forgotten by the time we got here, and so we have been working our hardest to get to work and to find prepared people to teach. It really has made us rely more fully on the lord and to be diligent in all things. I think that i have had some of the best personal and companionship studies of my entire mission this week. We really are being humbled and diligent and we know the lord will bless us. As i have been studying this week, a chapter really struck me in 2 Nephi 4. Nephi is bearing his testimony of the scriptures and that through all things he can lean on the Lord. "Nevertheless I know in whom I have trusted. My God hath been my support. O Lord, I have trusted in thee and i will trust in thee forever." I am so grateful for this time of testing and trial so i can learn how to more fully trust in my Lord. I know he will strengthen and support me and I have seen how he already has. I feel so blessed to be a missionary and to be doing what I am doing. I feel so much closer to the Lord and am so happy.

I just wanted to thank you both for everything that you have done for the mission and for me. I love you both so much and have felt so blessed by your service and your care! Thank you for playing such a huge role in my mission!

Sister Osborne

Contacts - 147
New Investigators - 23

Hey everyone!

So yes.. you all know by now that i have been transfered out of San Benito! crazy. when i got the call i just had the sweetest sense come over me that it was exactly what needed to happen, where i needed to be, and who i needed to be with. With all that said it was one of the saddest days of my life. It was so hard to say goodbye to so many wonderful people that i have loved, served, and baptized the past 9 months that i was there. I hate goodbyes.. and the hardest part is i don't know exaclty when i will be back to visit. (this would happen the right when a bunch a really neat people are about to be baptized!) oh well.. i have done my part and i know that sister haws and amitoelau will do awesome and will help all these great people to progress. Saying goodbye was rough and i feel like i just left my mission and now i am in another area just as a holding spot until i go home... so my task for this week is to learn to love this area and much as i loved san benito.

My area is Laredo north... aka i work in country clubs of giant houses... if you want to google earth I work north of the road del mar... it is pretty much all english and honestly when i got here.. the area was dead.. not one person in the area book and no one to really go off of. it was a struggle this past week but my trainee is AMAZING! i absolutley love her to death! her name is sister Villalobos.. she is from mexico city and has spent the past for years in provo utah... she is fluent in spanish, english, italian, and french... and i lover her to pieces... she is soooo excited to be a missionary and to go out and to work.. and even though it is like 110 degrees everyday and it is hard for people to let us in.. she is always so happy and so sweet. we just became instant friends and have had so many close chats already. i really feel blessed to be able to end my mission with her because she helps me to be sooo excited about the work and to rememeber how i first felt when i came out into the field.

Since we are starting from scratch we have had to rely on the lord even more.. we have been witnesses of his tender mercies and felt him lead us to where we need to be and open our mouths to testify of his gospel. We had a neat experience with a family this past week... since it is a nice area it is really hard to get into any doors (unlike san benito) so we have done a lot of knocking.. we found this lady named alma (spanish) and when we went back she was there waiting for us and brought out all her kids to listen too. the spirit was so strong and we centered our lesson on the savior and the atonement and baptism. we set a baptismal date for july and they accepted. we are excited to go back and to help them progress. it was such a wonderful experience and the sweetest experience for me when we walked out was to see my companions face and how she was sooooooo excited.

Yes, we have a car and we drive a lot... we have met alot of really neat people... but we did have a creeper experience last night and my poor companion was freaked out... some drunk guy was trying to get fresh and tried to force his way into our apartment... hahaha no worries dad... you can thank kyle and cory for always picking on me... i slammed the door in his face... we have not heard from him since :) if he comes back.. i have some cockroach spray next to the door and i am not afraid to use it! we live with two other sisters.. kellet and call.. (sis call was my comp for a transfer when I 1st got to San Benito ... she always wore my shirts:) )

honestly i feel so blessed to be where i am and doing what i am doing. i know that the lord has heard and answered my prayers and has put me in a place where i can grow and progress. I feel so happy and am so excited to be an instrument in turning this area around and making it bloom like San Benito did!

i love you all! Have an awesome happy and i will talk to you soon!

-herm osborne

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Lovin' Life:)

President and Sister Miller,

This week has been such a wonderful blessing on so many different aspects. I am so grateful for Zone Conference. I feel like it was specifically directed to me and it answered my prayers and has been such a help in my missionary work. I loved it when you talked about staying away from the routine and remembering why we do the little things which are also the most essential. It has helped me to be more effective during my studies and to really use this time that I have to study for other people and to help them towards progression and baptism. A few weeks ago I had struggled with this frustration of feeling like I was just going through the motions and just doing things but not really doing them for the right reasons or with the right spirit. You talked about faith and how when we are working as diligently as we can it is because we have complete trust and faith in the Lord that he really will guide us, he really will answer our prayers, and he really will fulfill all the promises that he has made with us. My mission has been such a whirlwind of ups and downs, but it has made me grow so much. The beauty about a mission is you are always in service of others. It is the times in my mission when I have been down and depressed, when I have felt sad and directionless... Those times are when I have been able to help other people the most. It is hard to explain, but i feel as though the Lord knew exactly what my investigators would be going through, so he gave me some feeling of their sadness and depression so that I could testify boldy to them because I KNEW. Because I had felt that way and I used the atonement of Jesus Christ to find peace of solace and that is what i recieved. I am grateful for the opportunity to repent and to be a better missionary than I ever have. To live everyday to its fullest and to not get discouraged but to serve with love. I am grateful for my mission, I have come to know my Savior so much more. Each day I am walking and talking and testify and serving... just as He did. And as I do it, I bear His name.

I love you both President and Sister Miller and I know that you do what is best for the mission and the missionaries so that the work will continue to progress and i will support and sustain all you decide to do. thank you so much for everything.

Sister Osborne

Contacts - 140
New investigators – 9

Hello family and friends!
lately I have really been making goals and setting plans and just wanting to make sure that I take my mission home with me. I am still me, but i want to keep doing all these good things that allow me to be the best me. It is so crazy to realize how fast this time has gone by.. I can't believe that Jordy is coming home from his mission... wow. It will be so fun to see him again! (hopefully he can teach me some spanish) haha.

i have really been thinking a lot about the small and simple things. How those little things that I do or don’t do each and everyday make all the difference in the world. It is the quiet prayers that allow me to hear the soft promptings of the spirit, it is the simple reading and feasting of the scriptures that allows me to receive revelation for myself and others.. which leads me to serve them. I love how time and time again my testimony grows of these things and i am able to see how important they are... so that i can testify of it and teach other people how important they are. In Zone Conference we talked a lot about not getting into a routine of things, but making sure that you remember the spirit of the law and why we are the way we are. that has helped so much, I only have a few months left to be a full-time missionary... but i want to go home and keep sharing the gospel and not get back into the routine of life and only think about myself. What I have learned the most from my mission has been the importance of the Atonement and Service. I never realized before that I could and should use the atonement everyday... and I never before sought for so many opportunities to serve. I think that must be why I am so happy as a missionary. It really brings such a great joy into life and I feel so blessed that this is where Heavenly Father led me to be.

The work is going really well... we are working really hard with Cristina Lopez and her family... trying to get her sisters baptized and trying to help Yesenia through her teen pregnancy.... so sad. But she talked to the bishop and he was able to help. It doesn't look like she would be willing to put the baby up for adoption either. thank you so much for all your prayers for this sweet family. They really have had so many ups and downs and i have been able to watch those downs really humble them and bring their family back to the gospel.

I love you all! have a great week! byeee

Herm Osborne